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Tracking for Trouble Ticket #134262

Date Submitted: 2011-02-17

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Title of e-Resource: Journal of Teacher Education

Type of Problem: e-Journals

Location at the time of the problem: UNB Fredericton

Nature of the Problem: Access denied

Details of the Problem: Cannot access article through resolver link:

...but can get to it through the Journals and Newspapers tab.

this is the resolver link message from Sage:

Not Found

The page you were trying to reach could not be found.

Please check the address for the page you were trying to reach. If you believe you have reached this page in error, you may contact us with any questions.

Did not work at Help Desk or for off campus student.


Status: completed

Feb 17/2011 - Investigating.

Oct 14/2013 - There is a minor problem with the citation metadata which is tripping the resolver's full text link. The issue has been reported to EBSCO.

However, the user can fix this as well to make the full text link work properly at the time of encountering this type of problem.

When you land on the resolver page:

… notice that the value in the issue field of the citation reads “ 6- ”. The hyphen in that field is breaking the full text resolution.

If you click the Edit this citation tab/button just under the citation itself, you can edit the Issue field and delete the hyphen, click Find articles to generate a new View full text link that works.

Hope that helps with this and any future instances where the citation might look odd. We report these issues to the providers, but we have no control over their data, and in this case the problem originates with the citation as it is being delivered by EBSCO’s ERIC index to the resolver. The ProQuest version of the citation yields a working View full text link without user intervention:

This ticket is now closed.

Date Repaired: 2013-10-14